10 Topics To Rap About

Here are 10 topics for you to rap about.  Sometimes it can be hard trying to find what to rap about.  I hear it all the time.  So because of that I put together 10 topics that you can rap about.  I put some words at the end of each description to give you sup topics within a particular topic to give you a further look into what you could rap about.


Were just going to knock that out first.  Everybody has had a girlfriend once or twice.  You can write about being in love or falling out of love or anything about being in a relationship.  Raps about heart break draw emotion because everyone has had their heart broke before.  If you’re a female rapper just switch it to boys – that simple.

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Heart breaks
  • Cheating
  • Loyalty
  • Liar


This is something that a lot of rappers love to rap about.  Everybody loves money and some have it and some don’t.  You can rap about it coming from both sides the haves and and the have nots.

  • Rich
  • Vacation
  • Miami
  • Broke
  • Robbing Banks
  • Selling Drugs
  • Be hated on for your money
  • Girls liking you for the same reason
  • Trust issues


This topic has been touched many times by rappers.  Rims spinning with the top down.  Millions of people with cars can relate to this.  Keep in mind all of these topics can be looked at from different angles and point of views.

  • Rims
  • Booming Speakers
  • Beamer, Benz or Bentley
  • 24 inches
  • Fresh & Clean


If your always fresh to a T.  If you keep the latest sneakers on your feet maybe a topic on clothes will be the best thing for you.

  • Roc-a-wear
  • Gucci
  • AF 1’s
  • Jordans
  • Crisp T’s
  • Louie Slippers
  • Dark shades


Every body likes a party.  Most people have been to some sort of party so a lot of people can relate to what your saying.

  • Poppin bottles
  • Top models
  • Ace of spades
  • Moet
  • Bouncers
  • Bar tender

Good Times

Rapping about good times is a great topic.  Remember the good ol’ days when everything was perfect.  Love and respect from your friends, women love you and want to be with you.  It was all so easy then.  Try it.

  • Remembering
  • Close friends
  • Best friends
  • Homies
  • Hanging out
  • Summer time
  • No school
  • Slumber party

Bad Times

Just like good times but the opposite.  Everybody has a bad day.  Your real or made up experience may be just the topic some one needs to get through their day.

  • Death
  • Lost of a friend or loved one
  • Bad luck
  • Rainy days
  • Hard time
  • Jail time
  • Lost a job
  • No food in the fridge
  • No lights in the crib


Use your raps to tell a story.  Any story can work.  Just focus on making it relate-able.  The more people you can relate to with your music the better.

  • Love story
  • Raps about Overcoming something
  • Rags to riches
  • Riches to rags
  • Drug addiction
  • Any addiction
  • Crime sprees


Our character says a lot about our personality.  We all show it and have some sort of character in us.  Are we respectable do we do good business?  Are we ethical in what we do use.  Build your raps around certain characters that we portray in our every day life.

  • Respectable
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Honorable
  • Strong
  • Encouraging


You can listen or read the news to get a boat load of topics for your raps.  And these are real stories.

  • Man shoots wife
  • Bank robbery
  • Police chase
  • Gun battle
  • Drug ring
  • Dog fighting bust
  • NFL lockout

There you have it – 10 Topics For You To Rap About.  Hope this helps.  Be sure to check out How2rap for more rapping tips and techniques.

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    • BecomingMe says:

      If you don’t know what to write about then you shouldn’t be writing in that moment. Go do something and not think about it too much because the best topics come on their own. Rap comes from the heart and soul. I understand getting stuck on words or lines but on a topic? No, there is always a topic. Just need to search yourself :)

  3. Vincenthise says:

    I’m sure America heard of the jay-z and solange fight in the elevator.
    A close source revealed that it was all for publicity and she needed a little boost for her new album and the met gala was the perfect place.
    Jay-z and beyonce are also preparing for a tour this summer


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